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    Отели и хостелы

    Забронировать ночь в отеле, на выходные в новом городе или на весь летний отдых? Возможно все. Но какой отель лучший? И какой сети хостелов или гостиниц можно доверять? Что вы можете сделать, если ваш отдых испортит например грязный номер или неприветливый персонал? На все вопросы могут ответить посетители. Они делятся как положительными, так и отрицательными отзывами, которые могут вам помочь понять, какого сервиса можно ожидать и каких гостиниц лучше избегать.

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    Отели и хостелы

    “It’s always nice at the campsite”. We think there are very few children who will disagree. Every year, lots of people leave for France, Germany or Spain to a campsite with their camper or caravan. But where can you find an accessible website that checks many camping sites to investigate the best place to go to? Do you need to make a reservation or do they always have a free space available? What are the cultural expositions and fun places you can go to? Are the toilets hygienic and cleaned on a regular basis? Is there a swimming paradise for the children and is it just as nice as the pictures on the website claim it to be? Do they offer entertainment for children? All questions that holiday makers who went before you can answer. That’s why we made an overview of all camping sites. Fellow campers reviewed them on setting, service and quality. Do you have an opinion, experience of complaint you want to share? Than please leave a review of your own.

    Renting a holiday cottage in the country or a residence in, for instance, Italy, Spain or France? Or rather on a bungalow not too far away? There are many travel agencies that offer these kind of holidays. But who is the cheapest? And, even more important, who is the best? Who act on their promises? In what condition will you find the cottage or residence and could you find everything that was supposed to be there? How was the customer service while making the reservation and during the holiday itself? These are all questions that the travel agencies will not answer. No, you will only get that kind of information from people who already booked a cottage or residence. That is why we made an overview of all travel agencies that offer holiday cottages / residences and bungalows. People with hands-on experience share their reviews, opinions and complaints about prices, ticket service, and quality. So you can make the best choice for yourself. Any experience of your own you want to tell your fellow holiday makers? Please leave a review.