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    Сегодня, в эру мобильной связи, найдется ли место для стационарных телефонов? Некоторые люди считают, что домашний телефон все еще является необходимостью, соответственно существуют поставщики, которые предлагают целый ряд современной стационарной связи. Вы хотите знать, что думают клиенты таких компаний? Прочитайте отзывы, мнения, опыт и жалобы, которыми делятся другие потребители. Мы сделали обзор всех поставщиков, предлагающих стационарную связь. Вы тоже являетесь клиентом одной из таких компаний? Поделитесь с другими своими впечатлениями от компании.


    With mobile phones and being connected now a permanent and crucial part of everyone's life, the selection of available companies to provide these service keeps growing. There are so many different brand, providers and phones: Nokia, Samsung, HLC, Microsoft and, of course, Apple. But also new players like Huawei and Motorola. And these are all offered by companies like Vodafone, EE, Smarty and O2. These companies in turn all demand customer attention with discounts and special offers. But what is the best offer and who’s the best mobile phone provider? Is the newest mobile phone the most important aspect or does service also play an important role? And what are the monthly costs and what do you pay for using more than your bundle and fixed calling minutes? How strict is a 1 or 2 year contracts and what happens when your mobile phone breaks? These questions are important, but providers aren’t very clear on the answers.

    We made an overview of all mobile phone providers complete with stories and experiences of fellow customers who have hands on experience and share their opinions and complaints. Do you have an experience to add? Please leave a review of your own.

    Mobile subscriptions are subscriptions that you take out for your mobile phone. While taking out a subscription for a mobile phone, you can choose which products and services you want to use on this mobile phone. If you take out a subscription that included, for instance, internet, than you can make use of internet on your mobile phone. If you subscribe to calling minutes and texts, than you can use your mobile phone to call to landline phone numbers and mobile phone numbers and send texts to other mobile numbers. Depending on the products and services that you take out with your mobile subscription, you pay a fixed amount a month. In order to give you a clearer view of the subscriptions that you can take out for your mobile phone, the various mobile descriptions are described in the following paragraphs.

    Mobile subscriptions with internet More and more people use internet on their mobile phones to open and send emails, to browse on the internet and to make use of the various social media networks. If you take out a mobile subscription that includes internet, you can make use of an internet connection for your mobile phone. This means that you cannot only use internet by connecting to Wi-Fi, but also can make use of internet without the help of public networks. The amount of internet that you can use exactly depends on the subscription that you take out. For instance, you can take out a subscription with unlimited internet. But there are other subscriptions that do set boundaries to the internet that you can use on your mobile phone.

    Mobile phone subscriptions without internet If you never use internet on your phone, then you can take out a subscription without internet. In that case, you can use your device to call and text, but you cannot make use of the internet without connecting to a Wi-Fi network. In case you don’t find internet on your phone comfortable or have a device that is not made for internet on your phone, taking out a subscription without internet is more interesting when looking at the costs.

    Mobile subscriptions with device When you’re taking out a mobile subscription you cannot only choose between subscriptions with and without internet. You can also choose whether you want the price of your device to be added to your monthly bill. If you choose for a subscription including a device, than you get, besides your subscription, a brand new device to use this subscription on. The costs are added to your monthly bill.

    Mobile subscriptions without a device. A mobile subscription without a device is also called a sim only subscription. If you take out this subscription, you will only get the sim card with the products and services of the subscription. This sim card can be used with your current device. That way, your monthly expenses will be cheaper than when you also have to pay for your new mobile phone.

    Sim only prepaid, or rather a subscription from another provider? And why would you not take a mobile direct phone with your sim-only? Sim only is often a smart choice. Subscriptions from mobile phone companies mostly entail the payment of your ‘free’ phone, which means that, in the end, you pay for your phone anyway. What if your phone breaks because of a fall? Often, you still have to pay your subscription as if your phone is still included. In that case, you’ll have to buy a new mobile phone anyway, cause your subscription often cannot be changed for two more years. It’s also possible to buy more calling minutes or MBs, but you cannot change that back. Troublesome and risky. That’s why sometimes sim-only is a better choice. But what’s the best choice? We leave the answer to that question up to you to decide. Do you have experience with a sim-only subscription? Than write a review and let everyone know which company you think should get a positive or negative rating.

    Are your monthly expenses too high? Or do you not want to have unforeseen expenses for your mobile subscription? Are you scared for your bill every single month because you already fear that you used more than your data bundle, call minutes or MB limit? Than, prepaid might be an option. Prepaid is the most easy way to keep your expenses under control. You pay a fixed amount of money. When the money runs out, your phone will just stop working, so you will never have to deal with unforeseen costs again. But how handy is this really? And how do you charge your phone’s calling credit? Can you pay via credit card? How can you check your calling credit and can you check this online? These are all questions that your fellow customers can answer. We made an overview of all telephone providers who offer prepaid service. Read their hands-on experiences, reviews, opinions and complaints, so you can see what it really means when you choose prepaid.