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Страхование дома


    Страхование дома

    Является ли страхование жилья обязательным, когда вы покупаете или арендуете дом или квартиру?  Страхование дома обязательное условие для получения ипотеки? Какая страховая компания является самой дешевой или лучшей, и какой страховой полис покрывает больше всего расходов? С єтими вопросами сталкиваются большинство владельцев домов или арендаторов. Не доверяйте очаровательному маркетингу, размещенному на сайтах компаний, читайте отзывы и мнения, написанные реальными клиентами. Мы сделали обзор всех компаний, которые предлагают страхование жилья. Расскажите о своем собственном опыте!

    Страхование дома

    What is a residence contents insurance? If you need one, how do you know what is covered in the contents insurance policy and what is not? You can visit the website of every contents insurance company and try to compare them, but you can also read experiences of home owners who went before you. Read the story of people whose house was broken into. How did the company handle the burglary? Did they really pay what your stolen items were worth? Do they also pay for damages? When is your contents insurance not good enough and what can you do about it? How do contents insurance policies differ? Find out the answers here by reading reviews, experiences, opinions and complaints from fellow clients. If you have an experience, opinion or complaints of your own to add, let us know!

    A residence content insurance is an insurance is an insurance that you take out in order to cover damage to the content of your residence by the insurance company behind your insurance policy. The content of your residence includes all the stuff that belong in your house, but are not needled down. This means a residence content insure c\ompany covers all stuff like furniture, curtains, valuable possessions and items like clothing. Is there damage to your kitchen, bathroom or other parts of your house that are pinned down, that damage is not covered by a residence content insurance. For these situations you need a home insurance policy that covers all damage to fixed parts of your house.

    The residence content insurance is not compulsory
    Many people think that a residence content insurance is compulsory, but this is not the case. You are not obligated to take out this insurance. It is, however, strongly advised. If there is a fire that makes you lose all your stuff, you’ll have to pay for all the damaged items yourself.

    Because the residence content insurance is so important, most people automatically took out this insurance. Because a residence content insurance is so important, there are only few people that haven’t taken out a residence content insurance to be able to cover the damage to their stuff.

    The coverage of the residence content insurance
    As stated before, the residence content insurance covers damage to your stuff that are not fixed in your house. But what kind of damage is covered if you have taken out this insurance? If you have a residence content insurance to protect the contents of your house from damage, your insurance company will pay in these cases:

    • Damage by fire
    • Damage by water, for instance a leakage
    • Damage by lightning
    • Damage by explosion, but instance if your gas oven explodes
    • Damage by burglary
    • Damage in case of a violent robbery
    • Damage by a storm with wind force 7 or above.
    • Damage by scorching or melting

    In case of intent, own fault or overdue maintenance that cause a leak the damage is not paid by the insurance company. If powerlessness the damage is covered.

    The merits of a residence content insurance
    If you take a good look around and look at your possessions, you’ll find out that you have more valuable stuff than you think. If you don’t take out a residence content insurance and have to deal with a fire, leak, cause of lightning, a burglary or storm, you’ll have to pay for your valuable items yourself. This can mean that you will have to pay the repairs of your expensive piano, but also have to pay a new television of your old one is damages by a leak. If you have a residence content insurance, you won’t have to. You’ll insurance company will do it for you.

    Do you have a cat? If you do, you probably know there’s always a chance of him or her getting sick, needing medication or an operation, or getting in an accident. And you also know that veterinary care can be quite expensive. Therefore, it’s wise to take out an insurance policy. What is the best insurance policy for your dog? Of course, you can find the cheapest one by comparing different insurance companies, but is the cheapest policy or company also the best? We made an overview of all insurance companies that offer a policy for dogs. Read reviews from other dog owners to know what is covered in case of illness or surgery. Be prepared and read opinions and/or leave your own.

    Your son is playing football with the boy next-door and KABANG, there goes a ball right through the kitchen window. Such an accident can get you into financial problems. Which insurance company might cover these damages? Does the insurance policy also cover damage to your glass made by heavy weather, storms or hail? And how does the insurance company handle damage to the windows or your car? These are difficult, but important, matters to understand when you take out a glass insurance policy. Read therefore the reviews and opinions of people who already have experience with a certain insurance company and its customer service.