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    Здесь вы можете найти отзывы клиентов, которые уже имели опыт работы с поставщиками энергии. Вы думаете сменить своего поставщика? Начните с ознакомления с отзывами клиентов о энергетические компании. Помните, что дешевле не всегда означает лучше, а переход с одной компании на другую не такой простой процесс, как кажется. Вы можете сравнивать все эти компании только по цене, но также полезно знать, с какими компаниями другие клиенты имели приятный или неприятный опыт. Мы сделали обзор компаний, которые предлагают зеленую, возобновляемую и дешевую энергию.


    In order to use devices and other equipment in your home, to turn on the light or to have a comfortable temperature, you require energy. Energy is the collective name for electricity and gas and is used to power devices and heat source. If you want to live comfortably, you will always need energy. On this page, you can read how to acquire energy and what kind of energy you can choose from when you are organising a supplier.

    Acquiring energy for your home
    In order to use energy in your home, you have to be supplied with energy from an official energy provider. An energy company or energy supplier is a party that directly acquires energy from the grid operator and ensure that you will be able to use this energy in your region. Depending on how much energy you use, you pay a fixed amount a month to the energy supplier. Alternatively you may pay exactly what you have used, bimonthly or trimonthly.

    The amount that you pay for energy is always in advance. If you have a set monthly fee and you use more energy than you paid for, then you have to pay extra to your energy supplier. Alternatively, if you used less energy and therefore paid too much, you will get money back from your supplier. To calculate a montly advance payment for your household, they will make an estimate of how much electricity or gas you use.

    Until a few years ago, there was only one kind of energy. But now you can take out energy contracts for different kinds of energy. In the following paragraphs, we described, in short, the different kinds of energy that you can choose.

    Energy for fossil energy sources
    Energy that is generated by fossil energy sources is either called grey energy or fossil fuels. Fossil fuels works well for the generation of gas or electricity. The only con of these kinds of fuels is that they can run out. If you are looking for the fossil fuel natural gas, than you know that we can run out of this fuel by excessive usage.

    One kind of fossil fuel is cheap energy. Cheap energy is energy that you can take out for a lower price, so you have to pay less per month to your energy supplier. You will cut down on your monthly expenses.

    Energy from renewable sources
    Energy from renewable sources is also called renewable energy or green energy. In contrast with the grey energy that comes from fossil energy sources, sources of renewable energy cannot run out. This is because the sources of this form of energy are renewable and therefore contain sources that can continue to generate energy. Examples of renewable energy are solar energy and wind energy. Solar energy is generated from sun rays, often through solar panels. Wind energy is collected through taking advantage of the power of the wind.

    Using renewable energy or green energy is a bit more expensive than taking out grey energy, but in the end it can cause you quite a reduction. Moreover, you invest in the Earth, because renewable energy and green energy is far better for the environment than grey energy.